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COAT is the national body through which tribunals can come together to examine and compare ideas, working methods, organisation and management, member trainings and support programs.

About the Council of Australasian Tribunals

The COAT is intended to facilitate liaison and discussion between the heads of tribunals. It will support the development of best practice models and model procedural rules, standards of behaviour and conduct for members and increased capacity for training and support for members.

At the inaugural meeting on 6 June 2002 Commonwealth, State, Territory and New Zealand tribunal heads supported a proposal for establishing a Council of Australasian Tribunals... Learn more

Contacting the Council of Australasian Tribunals

If you would like more information about COAT, please contact Ms Kathryn McKenzie, COAT Secretariat

Ms Mc Kenzie can be contacted on telephone 0418 281 116 or by email at


Latest News & Events

How can I participate in COAT?

There are a number of opportunities to participate in the COAT..

Tribunal Excellence Framework 2017

The Tribunal Framework is an adaptation of the International Framework for Court Excellence, a quality management tool developed for courts and tribunals by the International Consortium for Court Excellence and launched in 2008.

COAT Practice Manual for Tribunals 4th Edition

The Practice Manuals for Tribunals is a resource that has been developed by COAT to assist tribunal members in carrying out their duties. The manuals provide information and practical guidance on a range of practice issues that will be relevant to the diverse group of tribunals that may be members of COAT.

2018 COAT NSW Conference Papers 7 September

Efficient, Informal and Fair - Tribunals Delivering Under Pressure' Pullman Sydney Hyde Park

2018 COAT National Conference Presentations

Toward the Horizon - Tribunals of the Future' QT Canberra Hotel, Thursday 7 and Friday 8 June.